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The idol group ‘Soshi’ (short for So Nyeo Shi Dae)’s leader, Taeyeon, has become a cosmetics model. It has been revealed that Taeyeon has been chosen as Aekyung’s A-Solution new model on the 6th. The current model is also in SNSD, Tiffany. Through Taeyeon’s model contract, both her and Tiffany will become two-top models and there are promotion activities planned.

Taeyeon is currently a radio DJ and in MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ program, she’s partnered with gagman, Jung Hyungdon, living a fake marriage life and is experiencing a lot of popularity. The particular fact that Taeyeon’s leaving good impressions on females was a huge factor for selection (as the model).

Cheon Youngsuk, Aekyung marketing team’s executive officer, revealed, “A-Solution is a brand targeting adolescents and since kids ages 13-18 they like SNSD, we chose Tiffany and Taeyeon.” and “We’re planning on organizing two-top models for marketing and promotion activities.” A-solution is planning on catering to the 13-18 age group by launching a new product with the preferred ‘Fun & Cute’ concept.
Source: Herald Biz | Reporter Hwang Hyejin
Translation: hyunjin808@soshified.com


Hi folks! Soshimmy here! It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as one of the new staffers in addition to Cindy and Maria.  The two have done a fantastic job in keeping the blog going strong, and I only hope that I can meet the standards that I’ve come to expect from them.  With that being said, expect to see more of me around, and as a newb  on the job, please go easy on the criticism and any screw-ups I make -_- (I swear, they’re not intentional, or at least I don’t think they are…)

Anyways, for all you Taefany fans out there, this is your day: a double cosmetics whammy for the girls. And you know what that means: Cosmetics = Photo Shoots = Glamour Photos = EXTREME CLOSEUPS! :drool:

Glad to see Taeyon being chosen as something of a role model to 13-18 year olds. And considering SNSD’s album promotional activities are coming to a close, on top of Yoona’s Cinderalla Man and Tiri’s MC duties,  it’s good to know the girls will still have an active prescence.