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Today in Korea is March 9th, aka the birthday of our wonderful leader Tae umma! 😀


I remember exactly one year ago I had made a birthday post to this girl and now here I am again making another one. It’s amazing how fast time flies by..gosh we’re all getting older :[

Well, happy birthday Tae! You have such an awesome personality, from being a big dork to being a caring mother among the 8 girls. Whenever I see you on screen, theres never a dull moment! Your crazy and obnoxious laugh is a plus to that dork in you! I love how you arent afraid to show that laugh of yours 😀 It just shows how comfortable you are with yourself.

Apart from the little kid in you, you’re quite mature for your age, making you a perfect leader. Even if you dont purposely show your caring sides to the camera, I see it, through interviews and shows. From waking the kids up to cooking for them to just worrying about them in general.

I know you’re probably going through a rough patch these days, from the lack of smiles on your face. Whatever it is, always remember you have your loving fans and family and members. You’ll get through it! Have an awesome birthday and celebrate it well (: