Yes I know, I’ve been a few days late because of busy schoolwork and what not but hey finally got the job done today! (:

Yes its finally the maknae’s appreciation week and all the members have been officially appreciated. Now the polls will be back up for PAIRINGS appreciation week 😀

So we got the supa hot TOP gif of maknae. then we got that cutie with a twist of smexy from the elite uniforms cf. And lastly, the gubnae chicken cf (credits to maria for the fantastic find). Enjoy seeing this cutie turned beautiful maknae for a week!

Now heres the poll. two choices. vote once 😀

I dindt list every pairing since thers just so much. but thats a few of my favs and the popular ones. If you got another pairing that you really want in for next week ,leave a comment and if thers enough votes for them they just might win!