And they can >>ring my bell<< anytime 😉

I’ll give links since there’s 8 parts:









Ah don’t read this if you don’t want to be spoiled:
HOLY SHIT, Dey bucked that fish
LOL this whole episode was funny. I don’t know what people were talking about it being boring…probably if you’re an SNSD anti it’ll be boring.
Jess wasn’t it in much but whenever she did something mean (“what the hell?”), of course it was the best.
Wow, Tae (esp clueless good girl Tae) and Tiff were hella cute here ❤ I can see the satisfaction of S line when Tiff picked the proverb stuff (she was so shocked  though haha). Nicole + Tiff ❤. I only watch SGB for Nicole’s segment now unless someone good comes on. I just died when Tiff got it wrong when Yul and Hyo were so confident !

But the best was Soo all around and Yul getting emotional

Jess answered seaweed for Tiff ;_____; when Tiff was exiled to the back, Jess grabbed her hand when she got up for comfort. JeNy

And omg, an SGB question I actually knew T_T

Herrrrro Jung Uichul…  

Credit: soshisubs2 @Youtube