Tiffany said, “Surprisingly there aren’t many. I think they aren’t approaching us because we always stay together. Since we are a girl group, it seems that they feel difficult to approach and talk to us first”. And she added with her wide smile, “But as times goes by, there are a lot of sunbaes who approach us and take a good care of us as hoobaes or dongsengs. I feel grateful, happy, and secure to have these sunbaes”.

# Still happy even though there is no break!


But her smile never fades away in Yoona’s face. She said, “The thing that makes me the happiest is that all 9 of us can work together”.

Her experience in filiming the lengthy drama must have been a great asset. She said, “There is no interaction between the performer and the audiences in filming dramas (or movies). It is very different from singing (performing on a stage). As a singer, I get boost in energy from other memebers and audiences on the spot, but as a actress, I am all by myself and it’s more emotional”.

Yoona, who has been hearing from people that she have gotten more mature near the end of the drama, explained, “Since the role I played is actually older than my age and is even married, I tried to change my voice tone to a more mature tone. After acting for a while, my voice has gotten calmer. When I am on the phone, I hear “Why did your voice become so feminin like that?” a lot. While I was filming the drama, I became more introverted, but after spending more time performing on stages, I became more like a baby (teenager-like) again”.


# 2 years have passed, more relaxed!


Sunny said, “Since we have more exprience, we’ve gotten more relaxed on stages. In the past, we were too busy singing and dancing to worry about anything, but now we try to better express and communicate the meaning of lyrics. And also we try to do more fan-service for fans”.

SNSD replied, “Fans love us all equally to the point that it’s really hard to pick just one member” to the question – “the most popular member”. They said the fans do like one individual member but more like SNSD as a whole.

Yuri said, “I think more people like SNSD as a whole rather than just one member. When our fans give us gifts, they give us one for each member. They send us 9 dolls, 9 cushions, 9 shoes, etc. I am very grateful for directing fanletters to all 9 members. We are SNSD when 9 of us are together, so they want us to stay as 9 and continue to help each other”.

# Happy without a boyfriend!

A great news to the male fans. SNSD is too busy to find or spend time with a boyfriend.

Tiffany said with a cute sigh, “As you can see, we are really focused on working. Everywhere we go, we think of music and choreography, and continue to practice “Gee” as soon as we wake up. Since most of us spent many years as trainees, we do not have that big social networks. Super Junior oppas are basically all the oppas we know”.

Seohyun said “I do not wish to have a boyfriend as of yet. I have more desire to work rather than to be in a relationship” and smiled lightly. She is definitely the girl every guys dream of.


“We feel the happiest as 9”.

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translator’s note:I only translated the parts that have girls’ responses.


Wow, just like any other interview you can sense the strong bond between these nine girls. I think my favorite part is Sunny’s about the fan service ❤ More fan service pwease 😀