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MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night- We Got Married’ newly added couple, SNSD’s Taeyeon and Jung Hyungdon, left for a trip to Thailand.

One official on the 5th said, ‘For a concert in Thailand, SNSD will leave the country for the next 6 days and ‘We Got Married’s’ Jung Hyungdon have joined them.’ During the afternoon of the 7th, SNSD will be part of ‘SM Town Live ’08 in Bangkok’ Concert, taking place in Thailand’s Bangkok Rajamangkala National Stadium. In this concert along with SNSD, DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee and artists under SM Entertainment will be meeting with their fans from Thailand.

It has been announced, ‘We Got Married’s Taeyeon’s partner Jung Hyungdon decided to choose the trip to Thailand to cheer and give strength to SNSD’s member, Taeyeon, who is performing for the first time on a Thailand stage.
translations by juhyun @ soshified.com/forums
credits to Reporter Choi Seungsup


Well…at least hes cheering her on.

The more important details is this: SM Live in Bangkok is today for Bangkok. 😀 Yay! Hopefully everything works out wonderfully.

On a side note I wont be updating much today since I’ll be out unless Maria jumps in (: Or I steal my friend’s laptop but we will see.