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If you thought this was cute:

It can get even cuter…We all know that KARA is friends with both SNSD and WG, but further than that… Nicole is really close with most of SNSD. I can’t say she’s closest with Tiffany, but the two are very similar. Only difference I see is that Nicole is a shy friendly and Tiffany is just plain crazy friendly. Both are always happy and positive, very caring, have nice eye smiles, and are super clumsy. Plus, we can’t forget that they have awesome Konglish~

I have no clue where Tiffany is, but YES! Finally! More Jessica in English and more Nicole in English, best of both worlds. Though I rather that Tiffany was in there too because it would have probably been more comfortable with Tiffany for Nicole… It doesn’t matter because I love Jessica and Nicole’s English best heehee. Sorry Tiff, you’re too valley girl for me! I still love you though 🙂

I know there’s one more video of SNSD (Hyo, Yul, Tiff, and I think Soo) just talking about Nicole’s English Konglish (and how cute she is!) but I forgot the link T_T I’ll edit this later.


Ah, there it is ❤

Credits: KARA and SNSD uploaders on YT