Finally. The girls are on stage…AT MUSIC BANK! As usual this post will consist of everything related to their comeback. Enjoyy (: Everything is under the cut

The girls backstage

Look at TaeNy in the back having fun. hahaha Tae looks hilar with that head shaking.

MuBank interview with Baek Ji Young-no subs..yet

JeNy ❤ Tiff is seriously pimpin these days..Baek Ji Young was cute doing the crab leg dance (:

Comeback stage with Dear Mom, Himnae,and Gee! Gotta let it load a bit even though it might say Video isnt availible.

Holy crap..they were iin the air for Dear Mom. Amazing performance there. Loved the hair and the outfits for Himnae here…probably the best so far. Gah Yoona so cute. Yul’s ponytail is love toooo. Mushroom’s been gettin a lot of pink lately, happy camper I bet 😀 That is one intense stare from ms Jess at 3:52. What did Tiff say during the opening of Gee? “Listen _____?” Oh gosh and Tiff’s smilee after Tae’s “babo” part is so darn cute. Something happenedd at 7:02 from the look on Tae’s face hahah.

credits; aichimin009

Winning NUMBER ONE AGAIN! 3rd Week in a row 😀

Will you look at those numbers. SNSD owned. (: When soo threw those flowers…most hilarious scene ever, even the girls couldnt stop laughing. Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if those flowers landed on the end of the stage LOL since the fans and the stage were so far apart.

credits; taengee


SNSD No.1 for their first performance after absence of 3 times at KBS “Musicbank”

In their first performance after 3 weeks of cancellation by KBS, SNSD took the first place.

On the 30th at the live broadcasting, SNSD took the first place on the K-Charts on KBS 2TV “Musicbank” with their mini-album’s title song “Gee”. After winning on the 16th and 23rd, this is the third week for them being No.1 in a row. After 4 weeks of their comeback they are trying to take over all the TV program charts. SNSD also became No.1 and won the Mutizen song on the 18th at SBS “Inkigayo”, sweeping the music scene with the “SNSD Wave”.

After announcing that SNSD took the first place, they said in their speech “We hope that the staff members who are working hard for us also enjoy our performances. We also want to thank E-Tribe, who composed “Gee”.”

The attraction was big as this was SNSD’s first win at their first perfomance in a KBS music program. SNSD didn’t perform on the 9th, 16th and 23rd. Performing their first title song “Gee” from their first mini album, SNSD had to compete against Baek Ji Young for the first place.

On the 9th, SNSD was scheduled to have their comeback on “Musicbank” but suddenly their performance got canceled which surprised many fans. After that, many people speculated that there might have been conflicts between the KBS Entertainment Agency and SNSD’s company SM Entertainment.

On the 30th at “Musicbank”, SNSD, Baek Ji Young, Gavy NJ, SS501, Lee Seung Chul, M, K.will, Lyn, Taegoon, Kim Kyung Rok, Brand New Day, Blue Spring, Maydoni, Wink, Jessica H.O, Untouchables (feat. Hwayoung), Ran, Tae.1, Dear Cloud, Mario (feat. Changmin) were performing onstage.

Source: Newsen
Translations: Xeth@soshified.com/forums


also there are a couple of fan cams over at http://www.youtube.com/zippomaru (: Check em out if you’d like but theres a lot so I wont be linking. All the new ones are form Music bank. I suggest you def check out the Tae Fan cam-stand by cause SooRi is being dorks again.