Edit: added a fan cam under the performance vid (: you can hear the chants for sure here!

Everything is in here, from news articles to fan accounts to the perf itself (: If you streamed it live like me, you might have wondered why teh chants were weak well no worries, its answered in the fanaccount! CHECK IT OUT! Tonight is INKIGAYO COMEBACKKK @ 4:10 korean time

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Fan Cam!

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Awesome performance, of course theres always room for improvement but this was just beast. and look at all those freakin pink balloons! 😀 I loved the Him Nae outfits. Alright enough with my spazzing, heres the rest of the stuff related to the comeback

SNSDChina’s Fan Account of the girls’ comeback at Music Core, 1000 S♥NEs…

I just came back from the girls’ MBC comeback, everyone probably already saw it. A lot of people seem to be worried since the chants on TV weren’t that loud but I would like to tell you all that, there’s no need to worry about that. Today’s live support is probably Korea’s most strongest on TV for girl groups. Let’s put it this way, I along with some Seoul members went to MBC building at 7, our numbers started from 511, remember this is only at 7. At around 1pm, the amounts of Sone have increased up to more than 1000 people, at the end a SM worker said that the last number would be around 1200 but because of the size of the audience seats, the amount of Sones allowed in were around 1000.

MBC’s live broadcasting room could no longer squeeze anymore people, all the seats were sat by Sones, even on the ground, it was crowded, even at the back, all of it was full. At the standing area, other than some SHINee fans, the rest were all Sone. All of SM’s workers were unable to keep their mouths closed because of smiling the whole time. Because I only participated in the ‘Gee’ recording, the ‘Way To Go’ performance, because it would be live broadcasting, other fans had to come in too so there would only be 300 Sones that could stay. The first 300 Sones, because they lined up since last night, it was understandable for them to stay. The other Sones went home. On my way home, I watched the live from my phone. The scenario is completely different than on TV. The MBC director,after recording ‘Gee’ made the background music louder, which made the fan chants seem weak. When I was on the subway (she was probably watching it on the subway), I could barely hear the loud support from the Sones but I have already told you guys to not worry. That performance was all Sone. Also, some people saw some people at the standing area looking a bit slow-witted, that’s because the Sones inside were very excited. Once balloons started to be waved, the camera in the back was completely blocked so the director didn’t let anyone in the Standing area wave any balloons.

Now let’s talk about all the happenings of today. Today, I and some SNSDChina members and a member from Taiwan arrived at 7 at the MBC building. After getting out of the car, my heart skipped a beat, darn, there’s a huge chance we won’t be able to go in. The whole first floor of the waiting room was filled with Sone. I found the person in charge of counting the fans and she said my number was 511. The weather today in Korea has been the coldest so far ever since winter started. Even if we were inside, me and the other members were shivering. At 9, the workers of MBC began to call out numbers. When looking at the numbers and seeing the number 800 being said, this news was spread to all the Sones really quickly, everyone was so happy, we never thought that there would be that many people here today. We are afterall fans of a girl group, this number’s appearance, might not surpass the record but it has to probably break the record in Music Core. The security guards said they never saw so many boys, it was unbelievable. We however didn’t know that that number was only the number of people at 9am. As time passed by, the amount of Sones increased and later by myself estimating, there were probably up to 1000 people.

However when they were counting us, it was a painful process because the amount of people let everyone be surprised, SM only sent two of their workers so it was up to us to count the number of people. After your name was called, you would sit down. Because of that, the space became smaller and it made us 500 people outside. That time it was -10 degrees celcius. We stayed in that temperature for 2 hours. Around 10 or so, SM had more workers come and help count. Most interesting was that when they arrived and saw all of the Sones, they couldn’t believe their eyes since they usually see only 100-200 Sones. So then a SM worker quickly went back to SM to get more balloons since the balloons we had with us were not enough.

At around 12pm, the first 300 Sones were able to go in. Because of the large amount of people, the staff inspected us more carefully, didn’t let anyone use anyone else’s number. When you went in, everyone had to have their CD and their number to go in. When the first 300 went in, us 500 and over finally could be inside. About an hour later we started to go in.

Not that long later, the girls appeared. Then the entire room was filled with sound. Having gone to many live performance, this is the first time seeing such a strong male supporting group (Like seeing the amount of boys coming). The girls seemed really happy since they probably didn’t know they would see so many Sones. The security guards were also smiling seeing so many guys there, it was very interesting to them. Everyone knows, at that time there were still a lot of Sones waiting outside since the Korean fan next to me got a call from outside asking if there was anymore room since there were hundreds more outside but there was no more room. As long as there was some room, there were all Sone.

Talk about when the girls performed. When they began to record, the fans at the standing area waved their balloons but it made the camera from behind to not have any good shots so that was why everyone saw only one person standing there. The girls today was really good even though they sang it 4 times but all 4 times, they sang from the beginning to the end, no cuts. The Sones there, because it was their first time doing the fan chant, had a hard time doing the chant at first. It was loud but a bit messy. But when the girls sang “Gee Gee Gee” and “No No No”, the chants were in unison, even the director complimented us saying the effect was good. But maybe because we were loud, it covered up the girls’ voice so at the end, MBC made the background music louder which made the live broadcast have weak chants.

During recording, there were some behind the scenes. One time during a break, Sooyoung and Yuri went to some Sones. They never thought that so many people would come. They asked us if we were cold and we said we were. Yuri said she thanked all of us. The second time of recording, Yoona’s fans came up with an idea, everyone yelled out ‘KIM SAEBYUK”. This made the girls not knowing whether to laugh or not. Taeyeon said something but I forgot what it was but it was somethin like “I guess you’ll be Kim Saebyuk from now on!” The fourth recording, our Taeyeon corrected some of the pronunciations to some members. Taeyeon especially sang some difficult parts out and then the recording was over. When they were leaving the stage, they looked like they didn’t want to leave. It’ll be hard to see another stage like this. Then SHINee came up and greeting their fans and Sone and they even sang a part of ‘Gee’. Because of the girls’ comeback, a lot of SHINee fans weren’t able to go in the live recording so some Sones that were inside took some SHINee balloons and waved them when SHINee came on, some yelled out ‘Choi Minho!’

Here I would like to say there might be some people that think what happened was impossible but I would like to tell you, today’s circumstances are true. Some ss501 fans were amazed at the amount of Sones comeing. They said, “Ah, so many fans of SNSD.” They had absolutely no idea. Not too long ago when they participated in anti-ing the girls did they expect now that Sone has expanded this much.

Today’s events will be finished here. The most hardest times they and we have overcome. You can think, about 1000 people coming for one group at the auditorium is what kind of idea. There are only some boy groups that are able to achieve this, girl groups are more harder. I don’t know about what girl group has achieved this before but in the present the only girl group that is able to achieve this is SNSD.

Credits: SNSDChina, xxdeadline for translations


[10.01.09] SNSD Comes Back with an Extravagant Performance

SNSD has made their comeback after an 8 month break with a bright and extravagant performance.

SNSD had their first comeback performance on the 10th at MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ with their title track “Gee”.

They made their appearance wearing the colorful skinny jean outfits from their music video, that premiered a few days earlier, and showed that they were still capable of a bright and cheerful stage presence.

Each member performed their parts with their individual cute and bright charms and pulled off a successful performance. They especially gained interest for their mannequin concept and for their “crab leg” dance that they showed during the song.

Moreover, they showed a new side of themselves with their performance of “Him Nae!”, which was a remake of the “Haptic Motion” song that was released under the “Haptic” phone advertisements, and delighted the fans with their cheerful and encouraging atmosphere during the song, as well as with their fresh and strong vocal presence on the stage.

“Gee” has topped the charts on Melon, Dosirak, MNet Chart, Bugs, Cyworld, and Muze immediately upon its release and has been gaining more and more attention from fans and non-fans alike.

SNSD will continue their comeback performances on the 11th at SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and on the 16th at KBS ‘Music Bank’.

credits to MyDaily and boxclub@soshified.com/forums


LOL crab leg dance? Well either way, thats my favorite part in the whole dance. How the heck do they do that…and the fan account. Amazing. 1000 SOnes and more. Looks like the chants were really loud, except they had to tone it down (:

Now I’m super excited for inkigayoooo!