Okay, I promise after this one, no more silly Gee titles.

I found a video today of Gee in HD on youtube… and learned now to embed the HD onto the site!Not only that, but it’s Hi-Fi audio. Yay, now I’m more awesome than Cindy, aren’t I? Of course!

And even if you don’t care about HD-HiFi quality, who cares! It’s just another excuse for you to listen and watch this cute ass video~ Plus, there’s a bonus huhuhu

Enter text here.

Yes, HD-HiFi!


Let’s Talk About Love (English translation)

You guys should know how much I love old school kpop sounds by now 🙂

Dear Mom (English Translation)

I know we already posted the English lyrics…but whatever, now you have a video 😛 I haven’t watched this one yet, but I’m sure it’s sad…

Credits: liebefur + aienbest + 13haewonnie @YouTube