Lyrics: The Lighthouse + soompi, peasilla

Very touching lyrics in my opinion. I seriously wonder how Tiff felt..
But to keep things on the positive side, I love this song and hopefully we can see a live of this someday. Beautiful lyrics and beautiful vocals. Lyrics under the cut guys!

Dear Mom

Korean Lyrics [translated]

오늘은 왠지 힘들고 지쳐
for some reason i’m worn out and tired
베개를 끌어안은 채 혼자 방안에 남아
remaining alone in my room, hugging a pillow

전화길 만지작거리는 나의 마음이
touching my phone, my heart is
웬지 오늘따라 외로운거죠
for some reason lonely today

갑자기 울린 전화에 놀라
freightened by the sudden ringing of my phone
밥 먹었는지 걱정하는 엄마 목소리가
my mother’s worried call asking me if i’ve eatten

귀찮게 들렸던 그 말이 오늘은 다른걸
those normally annoying words are different today
잊고 있었던 약속들이 떠올라요
those forgotten promises are being remembered.

마음이 예쁜 사람이 될게요
I’ll become a person with a beautiful heart
남을 먼저 생각하는 사람 될게요
become a person who is selfless

엄마의 사랑의 바램들을 지켜갈게요
i’ll protect the expectations from mother’s love
나와 꿈을 함께 나누던 내 머릴 빗겨주던 엄마가 생각나
i think of mother who used to share my dreams and brush my hair

때론 잘못된 선택들로 아파했지만 아무 말 없이 뒤에서 지켜봐 주셨죠
though i’ve made hurtful, wrong choices you silently watched over me from behind
서툴고 어린 아이지만 이젠 알 것 같아요 엄마의 조용한 기도의 의미를
though a young and ‘innocent’/ not yet fully understanding child, i think i
understand now, the meaning behind mother’s silent prayers

마음이 예쁜 사람이 될게요 same translation as above
남을 먼저 생각하는 사람 될게요 same translation as above

엄마의 사랑의 바램들을 지켜갈게요 same as above
나와 꿈을 함께 나누던 내 머리를 빗겨주던 엄마가 생각나 same as above

어떡하죠 아직 작은 내 맘이
what do I do, my yet small heart

엄마의 손을 놓으면 혼자 잘할 수 있을지
will it do well without holding mothers hand

아직 부족한 것 같아 난 두려운 걸요
i fear/am weary because I still lack so much
지혜로운 엄마의 딸 될게요 나에게 용기를 줘
i’ll become a wise mother’s daughter, give me the strength/confidence
어딜가도 자랑스런 딸이 될게요
i’ll become a praiseworthy daughter no matter where I go

엄마의 사랑의 바램들을 지켜갈게요 same as above
한없이 보여준 사랑만큼 따스한 맘을 가질게요
I’ll become a heart that is warm as the unconditional love you’ve shown me
수줍어 자주 표현 못했죠
I was shy and couldnt often express,

엄마 정말로 사랑해요
that mother, i really love you.