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Videos of the KBS2 Music Bank performance were uploaded this morning. If  you didn’t stay up to watch it last night, then you missed a very ‘lolz’ performance as quoted by most viewers.

The power vocals of the four groups were challenged to do this song. Well, I wouldn’t call Nam Gyuri the power vocal of SeeYa (because lil Kim SeonJi is!) but she’s still got nice vocals. Either way, I seriously couldn’t even finish this performance… why couldn’t they at least give them a good vocaly-strong English song if they really wanted an English song. And if they still wanted them to show skin, then give them nice short dresses or something. Seriously, poor choice of song.

Either way, at least TaeYeon and SunYe were able to pull it off with comprehendable English!

I hope tomorrow/today’s MBC Music Core will be better…

Credits: Tama unni @JPHIP, aichimin009 @YouTube