Oh my lanta. Just read =(

bossa747: It was reported that the second album may come out in November.


brief translation of the crucial part goes like this:

SNSD briefly opened their second album plan. SNSD said “We’re working on 2nd album. We can show you the album around next month.” About the question whether they’ll sing their new song, they answered “It’s a secret.”

While some fans in Korea think the report is true, others still believe that the album will come out in October.

cathode: Reporters asked if SNSD will perform one of their new song during the festival and Sica replied “It’s a secret”. Taengoo told the press that “We’re in midst of preparation for 2nd album…I think we’ll be able to comeback around November”…

-_- I was thinking more of like…a  comeback in October with a single then a full on album in November..I dont know =(