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Its September 22nd in Korea today, meaning its the birthday of SNSD’s dancing queen! I’m just gonna paste what I wrote on soshified, to here:

September 22nd, a special and memorable day because a lovely and talented girl was born into this world, Hyoyeon! She is not just the dancing queen of SNSD, but also a loving, caring, and kind young girl that brings smiles to her members and fans. Her dancing just blows each and every one of us away and she makes all her moves look so smooth and easy. But her dancing isnt the only thing that makes us love her, its her personality. She has the chill and relaxed sense in her that makes everyone feel comfortable around her. Plus, she is like another mom to the girls, waking them up in the early hours of morning and cooking them food. Oh how I wish Hyoyeon could wake me up each morning biggrin.gif

I wish you a happy and memorable birthday and that you will celebrate it well with your members, family, friends, and of course us fans! I also wish you many many many more years of success as a member of Girls Generation! Happy birthday!

I would post more…but I have a take home test to do for AP US History -_- I’m gonna fail a freakin TAKE HOME test…

Happy birthday Hyo ❤