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ak6c @ soshified: Jessica was in charge of the Make-Up booth and would put on make-ups for the people at the party if they asked for one. There was this one girl who was getting her make-up done by Sica and it seemed like she was nervous a little because her eyes were shaking when Sica was trying to put on some eye make-up for her.

Sica then said, “Why are you shaking (so nervously) when we’re both girls~”

The make-up Sica put on was apparently really done well (like a professional) and Sica felt really proud about it. Just as the girl was leaving the booth, one guy called out in a timid voice, “S… Si… Sica!” and

Sica responded by saying, “Yes? Do you want a make-up too?”

And the guy just went away after she said that

Sica was very eye-catching at the club because almost everyone wore black & white while she wore a hot pink dress.

Dude I would shake too if Sica did my make up for me…gahh Sexica ❤
LOL I love how she responded to that guy’s call.