Looks the girls were really at the Big Apple…god I need my license, if I had it right now, I would’ve been up there the second I heard the news. Anyway:

from ak6c @ soshified forums
Yesterday, Sooyoung’s mother/sister posted this on Milkye. Looks like the girls left New York yesterday. 2 nights and 5 days… meaning they got to sleep 2 of the last 5 days =_=; man, our girls have busy schedules.

Kekeke, they’re in the returning plane at the moment~ You can say it’s 2 nights and 5 days for the girls… because they were busy with their schedules. Once they arrive in the morning, it looks like the girls will go right away to the Concert rehearsal TT TT Still, our girls went to New York and got to interview real famous designers and do well as a Korean Idol ^^ During the concert, please cheer on hard so our girls can do well~~”

Well this sucks. I wonder if any fans saw them..
God their schedule is hectic as anything..hopefully they had tons of fun though 🙂 And of course, we will be cheering for them at the Sm Town Concert!