There was a rumor for awhile that snsd was coming to new york to film for their mnet show, course I didnt post that rumor up to avoid seeing everyone freak out then be disappointed…but now someone claims seeing them.

ive looked through the last few pages but havent seen anything
about this…..4 of the snsd members (sooyoung, tiffany, jessica and yuri(?) wasnt able to see her face but i think its her)
are in ny….they were on the same plane as me yesterday and jessica and tiffany were
behind me when I was going through customs
if someone already mentioned this then sorry ^^


credits; meehee_xp@soompi

Until I see pictures, stalker cams, etc. I will not get excited…nw if I do see these things, I’m heading up to New York immediatly. 4 hour drive to see these girls would be so freakin worth it.