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WTF! TWO DAYS…AND I MISSED IT AGAIN! I MISSED SEXICA’S LOG IN! I was at the mall happily shopping when my friend calls me adn tells me Sica was on and typed a one liner on sbox. I probably cursed way too loud for my own good.. -_- this sucks. Well at least she didnt chat like Fany did….Sica come back soon so WE AKA YOU AND I can have a lil chat 😀
this is what sica said on sbox: hello everyone 🙂 its 4 am here in korea and im still not sleeping..thanks for all your support soshified~ ahem! cu! cumbers ahem! pickles! hehe loveyouall S2

WHAT A CUTIEEEEEEE! love you sica 😀 Pwease return to soshified! =(