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Can you guess who’s older brother this is, saying this? =) Click more to read the article

The recent SNSD’s TaeYeon’s older brother has been a topic of conversation. This is because he resembles TaeYeon very much. Netizens have dubbed him “warm-hearted”.

Taeyeon’s 22 year old brother is know for expressing love for his little sister. Recently, Kim Ji Oong wrote an encouraging note for TaeYeon on his minihompy.

He said, “Since I have you, there’s nothing I desire” and “After I became a middle school student, you were already an ajumma. Your way of thinking was that of a big sister, and your determination was on the pro-level.”

He added, “Although you’re far away, you’re always straightforward, cool, and your mind doesn’t rot(?), making me hang my head in shame.” and “I have 200% faith in you, and I know you’ll do well. Don’t be too burdened and I hope you’ll continue working hard just like you’ve been always doing. I wish I had that quality and confidence that you have where when you do things, you finish them.”

He finished with, “If you eat 3 meals a day without fail, don’t get sick, and keep smiling, it’ll be the best thing you can do for us. You will do well because you’re my little sister. Your family will always have your back. I love you. Good luck.”

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Translations by Hyunjin808@hotmail.com

Did you guys guess correctly?? Hahaha awww Taeyeon’s older bro is such a sweetheart, so loving for his lil sis. I love how he encourages her, you can tell he loves Tae so much 🙂 I’m an only child, but I would not mind having him as an older brother lol. He’s kinda cute, don’t you think? MAN HIM AND TAE LOOK ALIKE. That family..makes cute babies rofl.

ps. LOL he calls her ahjumma, aint that cute?