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edit: o yeah, lol, she kept telling us to all go to bed cause korean time..it was late. so cutee and she called us DARLINGS 😀
OMFG SHE WAS ONLINE AGAIN. AND SHE TALKED IN THE SBOX (its like a chat box thing) AND I WAS THERE AND SHE TALKED TO ALL THE FANS AND OMFG IM STILL FREKAIN OUT AND SHE RESPONDED TO MY QUESTION. I AM GONNA FAINT. screenshots below. Well, sorry about earlier guys hahah…when you’re a huge SNSD fan..and an even BIGGER Tiffany fan, and you get a chance to talk to her online, you’re gonna freak out like me. The happiness in me will never fade away ❤

Yeah I went physco with teh screen shots and when I calledmy cousin to tell her, wow my voice would not stop shaking..holy crap. And yes I won’t even bother blurring out my sn, since Tiffany responded to one of my questions rofl, i’m x1tzc1ndy

The first few pictures I captured were while talking to Tiffany then the others, i went and back tracked and took more screen shots. I lovee you Tiffany! (honestly, I would’ve lovedd to show her this blog..but it looks like crap compared to like soshified,sosiz, and all those bigg forum sites. hah)

Hmm Had to use Photobucket, whatever you know you wanna see all of them and Tiffany being a cutiee pie 🙂
DO YOU SEE? I ASK TIFFANY HOW ARE YOU THESE DAYS? AND SHE RESPONDED WITH A SMILE. God I almost collasped. my question is at the bottom, and fany responded pretty quickly man!
FANY IN BLUE and look..my sn is right next to hers, on the left 😀
LOL everyone just immediatly responds to Tiffany “PROMISE!” i’m at the topp sn. Tiffany had asked us to take care or look forward to the next album, I don’t remember and then said “promise?” at the end so we were all screaming promise.
aww she said that like fifty times, so cute 😀 she said soshified was one of the forums that she understood completely man (:
haha my backtrack pic of her answering my question…this is so my wallpaper on my cell phone now.
Oh my GOSH. so cute ❤
LOL pink obsessed.
my next question..
she knew she knew! wonder if her sis has an account…hrm
my response was so hyper..goodness
hehehe i had said, “tiffany your birthday is coming up soon” or some crap like that
GOSSIP GIRLS WHOO! what an awesome show, we share another similarity fany ah
so cute of her
omg. i died. so adorable and loving of her
Hahha then she left and evveryone was sad..then she returned LOL

Then she dipped out for real, watching GG I supposed lolol, then sbox exploded but Tiffany returned again and was editing her own profile LOL. Updated her birthday and made her favorite member..herself rofl. So cute. But sbox had wayy too many people so she couldn’t type back to us probably. And now I think she is officially gone =( I’m so damn happy I signed on just in time this morning and didn’t go out. SO HAPPY. And she even talked to me..see now I will never leave soshified LOL. Spaz more later. What a beautiful day 😀