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Q: Do any of the members have twitter accounts?
A: No. and No.

Q: Do any of the members have facebook or myspace?
A: No. However, you may want to check out SNSD’s official facebook page.

Q: When will SNSD come to *insert country name*? Can you ask them to come?
A: We report most (if not all) of Soshi’s activities, including those outside of Korea. If we have not posted about it, then we don’t know. Unfortunately, we do not have Soshi’s contact information, so we are unable to ask them to visit your country.

Q: Where can I buy SNSD goodies in *insert country name here*? How about Online?
A: We can’t give specifics as to where you can buy them in  your country unless we happen to be in the same country. Otherwise, online ordering seems to be pretty universal.

The following are known to be reputable online sellers of Official Girls’ Generation merchandise:

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A: We generally don’t promote fan projects because it would be unfair to those that we don’t post about if we pick and choose. It also wouldn’t be ideal for us to promote everything that comes our way because that’s not what we’re here for. On occasion, we will make posts about the results of notable & unique fan projects/movements (ie. soshivn), but very seldom will promote the participation of them (whether it be donation or otherwise).

Q: Can you promote my website/blog/forum?
A: Again, this is not done very often due to fairness. You can, however, request for affiliation.

Q: Is snsdkorean biased?
A: Yes. We are SNSD biased.

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A: That depends… drop us a comment below with the following and we’ll take a look. 😉

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A: Your question was likely answered in the FAQs above, or along the lines of ‘I love SNSD, please give me Taeyeon’s number’. If not, then please check your spam filter!

1478 thoughts on “Questions/Comments”

  1. soshigurl94 said:

    Demi Lovato’s – Mistake

    Tell me you realize what it sounds like??? I’m not hating, I love Demi but oh my goodness, everything is the same! The tune, even the ad-libs! At least the words are different, whew!
    Mehh, I’m sad because Born to be a Lady is my favorite song off SNSD’s Japanese Album. That song had such an original tune! Oh well 😦

  2. LadyIgraine said:

    teaser concept for Taeng has come out just. album is to be release on Oct. 5 and will have both korean/english versions to be release in not just korea but internationally.

  3. taeyeonfan said:

    it appears Sooyoung has recovered well as SM said. she participated with the other members at some Woongjin Coway event (you can see near the end)

  4. Austin said:

    Just advice… try to make album with English and some pop music.. So, SNSD’s songs can be memorize by all the people in the world.. 😀 Be honestly Korean is pretty hard to learn.. hehehehe… Try to make an album with English or some songs… 🙂 keep fighting..

  5. ruraldaze said:

    A moment of silence for the demise of Steve Jobs:

    greeentee is such an Apple fan. lol.

  6. aeiou123 said:

    I’m just curious, is Universal records different from Universal music group? hehe 😀 And If the girl’s are going to release a maxi single, will it be in english? 😀 thank you.

  7. aeiou123 said:

    Whoa! Taecyeon and Jessica! 😀

  8. Hi, we would like to request link exchange, but we only list our affiliates on a page instead of every pages. Hope it’s still acceptable.

    Website name: SNSD Tiffany Fansite

    Thank you.

  9. Urm…..maybe you’ll like to check this out…it’s lowQ but the dance looks like a legitimate clip from the MV…

  10. Hello! 😀 I’m a SNSD Fan and my favourite member is SooYoung 😀
    Just to clear my doubts, I have a few queries which I’m not very sure of:

    And what’s the difference between Main Vocalists (TaeYeon,Jessica), Lead Vocalists (Tiffany,SeoHyun,Sunny), Supporting Vocalists (SooYoung,Yoona,Yuri,HyoYeon) ?

    And also what’s the difference between Lead Dancer (SooYoung,Yoona) , Main Dancer (HyoYeon) and 2nd Main Dancer (Yuri) ?

    Thanks alot =D

  11. PurpleWolf87 said:

    Sunny and Hyoyeon have been confirmed to be on Invincible Youth 2!!

  12. Terrez said:

    Congratulations to SNSD on having both ‘The Boys’ MVs on the front page of YT for the music category!

  13. Terrez said:

    Congratulations to SNSD on having both MVs on the front page of YT (top favourited and in the music category)!

  14. ruraldaze said:

    One quick question.
    To those who purchased the album, any idea on who composed “제자리걸음 (Sunflower)”?

  15. SNSD at a concert in Indonesia

  16. ruraldaze said:

    PG13. you have been warned.

  17. I see that you got a new author . . .
    I can’t really be back, am I? haha 😀 well, that’s fine 😉
    Oh. O_o I forgot, I wasn’t able to make it. haha 😀 sorry.

    Just passing by! 🙂


  18. My Remix for the Remix contest.

  19. heyyyy i wanna know if its possible to upload some photos n videos from sm town nyc?

    • catfatcat said:

      A bunch of us were at the concert/fanmeet this weekend (busy flying back to our respective homes, trying to calm down from the epiccccness that was SMTown NYC) so we’ll try get stuff up soon!

  20. ruraldaze said:

    such a sad sight. le sigh

  21. Hail and well met! I’ve been following this blog for a while now, having been introduced to the fandom by my friends during the ‘Hoot’ period. As a new/casual fan, I listen to SNSD mostly for their addicting music and versatility when it comes to various concepts, but I’m afraid I don’t really understand some of the posts here with deeper meaning. Is it something special that a new fan should come to understand and appreciate once they’re in the fandom and/or blog? Or is it optional? I would like to know.


    • catfatcat said:

      Depends. How much time do you allot to soshi? Besides their music, does anything about them, as people, appeal to you? Do you watch variety appearances? Do you keep up with other updates/sites besides this blog? For me, I immersed myself almost completely into the fandom; I watched everything and anything I could, talked to and met people who were also apart of the fandom, and more. If you’re a casual fan, I can understand you not getting the ‘deeper’ posts, but if you’re a new fan and haven’t found yourself absolutely captivated, maybe you should try finding out more about them – and, in turn (and as cheesy as it may sound), find where you stand as an SNSD supporter. Casual, dedicated, obsessed, SONE- if you like them and enjoy what they do, then that’s all that matters really.

  22. Piyoko14 said:

    Soshi is going to be on Good Morning America tomorow (according to Soshified).
    SSF: be sure to watch our girls on Good Morning America tomorrow at 7AM!!! Yes SNSD on Good Morning America 7AM!!!

  23. hi SNSD korean!!! i want to publish our covered video The Boys.. here

  24. aeiou123 said:

    I read somewhere that SNSD asked Sones to let go of GDA. But why? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  25. how do i really chat with them? i went to soshified and they didnt say chat. sorry im new around here…

  26. NY1 had an interview with SNSD and the newscaster really did a nice job making them feel at home as opposed to other interviews I’ve seen. I hope you make an article about this because in the videos, the guy speaks in Korean (and I don’t think he is Korean) and even makes Tiffany and Taeyeon (which we know were sick or not feeling well during NYC concert) laugh. They were really nice videos, I really wish SNSDKorean makes an article about this!

  27. taeyeonfan said:

    here’s youtube videos of the interview. NY1 isn’t a national channel, but its a popular cable news channel in NYC operated by Time Warner Cable. It has a pretty wide audience in NYC and is well-respected as a news channel.

  28. Brendon said:

    I have sent you an email. 🙂

  29. Did you guys hear about Sooyoung getting into acting???

  30. I hate it how yoona always get the main part, hyoyeon should get a chance too!!!!

    • Please don’t hate on Yoona for being the “image” of SNSD. Due to her fresh and innocent appearance (especially in the early days) SME, even since the beginning, decided to place her as the “centre”. Yoona simply had the image of SNSD SME desired projecting to the general public. Also, she is an extremely well-rounded idol, and has made appearances in almost every corner of the entertainment world. Hence, many fans were drawn into the fandom because they were captivated by Yoona who lead them en suite to SNSD.
      Hyoyeon is getting her time to shine! If you don’t know already, Invincible Youth Season 2 will feature Hyoyeon and Sunny in G8. Let’s put hate aside and look forward to the endless laughs she will provide us with on variety!

  31. Hi! My name is Maia and I’m learning English, could you pass me your e mail for to chat by messenger live?
    I like the girls generation too and i wanna make more friends.
    Thanks :p
    sorry if my English is very bad xD
    My email is:

  32. aeiou123 said:

    I heard there will be only 5 members to perform in inkigayo on sunday (nov. 13, 2011) – Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun. And that the other four will be in Sydney. Is that true?

  33. Cindy :D said:

  34. Jan-Vincent N. Ramos said:

    Hi! I hope you will perform here in the philippines, so that the fans of girls generation wil be happy. Im your number one fan here in the philippines. I love Kim Taeyeon & Im Yoona

  35. Can you please update the Soshictionary? There’s nothing about ‘The Boys’, ‘Bad Girl’ and etc…. And I don’t know how to describe them..

    • A very good point! Sorry for not spotting your comment earlier but we will look into that asap… Thank you!

      **Edit – it’s been updated 🙂

  36. dian A said:

    SNSD, please come to indonesia ^^

  37. Cindy :D said:

  38. Ishwar moktan said:

    Hi iam ishwar moktan anybody friendship with bobile no +601116390993

  39. alicia said:

    hey hey my bad i posted earlier and messed up the url but does anyone know what this survey is???

  40. the girls are in the top 5 in the most popular karaoke songs of 2011 in japan!

  41. Ishwar moktan said:

    Call garnu malai ma nepali bhalu hu. ma kathamandu balaju isthit laxmi gest housema bas6u.malai chikeko 1 tripko 1000 stardand bhalu hu. Mero bobile numberharu 9841788183&9803412457 ek patak call ta garnu

  42. I love the birthday banners you guys make whenever it’s an angel’s birthday! 😀
    Haven’t you guys made one for Seohyun before? Can I see it?

  43. alicia said:

    hey greeentee, i think she loooololololed about some scoop i sent her…

  44. Affiliation request:

    Website name: Taeyeon~ism
    Short description: Taeyeon fansite

    We already linked your site.

    Thank you.

  45. gisele harano said:

    hi,i was watching some performances at japanese programs and i found sungjong from infinite dancing the boys!


  46. Cindy :D said:

  47. How to get SNSD contact information ? 🙂

  48. hafiz said:

    Hello! my name is Hafiz I’m from Indonesia. I wish you guys(SNSD) want to concert in Indonesia and make a duet with our Girl Band “CherryBelle”. I hope you will answer my request.

    thank’s.. 😀

  49. SNSD FAN said:

    Can anyone tell me where to go to watch the full episode of “One Day as a manager of SNSD” or find a full episode for me? Much appreciated!(:

  50. JustaTip said:

    National Public Radio in the U.S. did a segment on K-pop this morning on their national morning show. I was listening live and was shocked to hear Girls Generation singing in Korean coming from my FM radio. (NPR may not have a wide audience, but they are well-respected and are listened to by many movers and shakers in entertainment circles, I do believe.) It was a short segment, but at least Girls’ Generation was featured first! Note that the audio of the segment will be released later this morning after the show has its final airing on the West Coast.

  51. I remix this song.. HERE

  52. Hello! Pih shsw suij’ gshwy?
    Yhhwush yuwip vuetw nmak’gh.

  53. Dian cantena said:

    0k japaness

  54. Hey Sones,
    Like this Page on Facebook
    Girls’ Generation Page
    Thank A Lot ^^

  55. Happiest new year and big thanks to snsdkorean who’ve been giving me the easiest access to GG!!

  56. Cindy :D said:

  57. Hi guys,

    Nice site =), is an upcoming kpop news and kpop music release site dedicated in providing daily updates to international fans all around the world.

    We would like to request affiliation/link exchange with SNSD Korean.

    We’ll have a link to SNSD Korean in our sidebar blogroll section.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider us & we looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks! =)

  58. Everyone should vote for SNSD to perform at the 2012 London Olympics!!

  59. i have just read about another snsd milestone.

    they have become the first ever korean ‘group’ to reach one million album sales in japan.

  60. ruraldaze said: – Happens all the time.

    Happy Chinese New Year fellow Sones. It’s been awhile.

  61. leann lee said:

    where can i find that banner pic?

  62. Sek ya said:

    Will snsd be coming in 2012 this year?

  63. why shinee don’t have new album ? I WANT TO KNOW. Could somebody tell me ?

  64. LadyIgraine said:

    SNSD is CONFIRMED to guests on “Live with Kelly” (former “Live with Regis & Kelly) this coming wednesday, February 1, 2012 @ 9AM EST/PST.

  65. Cindy :D said:

  66. Robert said:

    since i wrote the faq of this site , i realise ….. it is not happy at all to be someone fans
    they only good in front of camera
    guys i quit to be fans of anybody fans but if you like their song or their movie just lisen
    or watch it coz i think they only good in there lolss

  67. taeyeng said:

    the boy song is 3000 like that and dont disband

  68. can you explain me what soshicast about?
    i don’t get it.
    thanks 😀

    • steve said:

      Hi ira1204,

      The Soshicast is basically our blog’s informal ‘discussion’ about SNSD news. Typically we go over what has happened over the previous month for the group and it’s members. Don’t be surprised if we sometimes go off on tangents about ‘bigger topics’ that go beyond news like our thoughts on Girls’ Generation success in Japan and etc…

      It’s suppose to be something fun to listen to and help you get used to some of our personalities that might not come off the page on our news posts or features.

      – Steve

  69. xianne said:

    i heard they’ll be debuting in the states…i read it from here

  70. Indira Azzahra said:

    PLEASE answer.. Gamsa..

  71. Gionata said:

    Hi SNSD Fans! I would share with you my bootleg remix of THE BOYS. Hope you like it!

    Greetings from Italy :o)

  72. Vjp Dajgja said:

    Hello SNSD. I’m from Vietnam and I love SNSD. Em mong snsd se den Viet Nam.

  73. Quach Thanh Trung said:

    Happy Soo Young! I Love You! Phone +841683222050.

  74. 574R_516N said:

    hi all SoNers can U help Me how to register at UFOtown, I’ve heard that it’s only for korean people (how lucky they are) and is it possibly for foreigner to register now?

    please help me with this I desperately to sent Sica a message :p

  75. how old is Jessica now?

  76. Bayrlala snsd lag shv amjilt

  77. Piyoko14 said:

    Hi SNSD Korean,

    SNSD is in this poll against One Direction at PopDust, and this is the last day to the vote. I don’t know if you think this relevent, but I just wanted to share it.

  78. MichelleZ said:

    I don’t know if or when you’ll see this but as soon as I saw this I felt like tearing up.

    My dear Hyoyeon ❤ When I first saw her talking about this on IY2 it hit me hard and this video just makes it worse/better. I love Hyoyeon so much and in my opinion she is unbelievably talented and one of the most beautiful members of SNSD. The fact that she knows she's not well liked by the community hurts me so much. I wish I could meet her and show her how much she is loved and how great she is. She doesn't know how beautiful she is.
    Hyoyeon saranghae ❤ 🙂

  79. aimin said:

    i very like yuri

  80. Zappy Chan said:

    I’m pretty sure that there are many people that love SNSD. Is it possible for SNSD to send a video wishing my 2 friends’ a happy birthday or possibly coming to celebrate their birthdays?

  81. gabriel said:

    ahnyung snsd i just want to ask were are you going here in the philippines?

  82. Cindy said:

  83. wigwiggle said:

    episodes 1 and 2 of fashion king have been eng subbed (yuri does not appear in episode 1)

  84. How I contact with yoona ??!

  85. neomeoshawolsonebestfriend said:

    OMG THIS IS AMAZING STUFF! go to the website and look to the column on the errr right. snsd beat bob, one direction, and tyga. THIS SHUD BE AN ARTICLE SNSDKOREAN WRITIERSSS

  86. Indira Azzahra said:

    my phone number 083873773231.
    What sunny, sooyoung, and yoonyul phone number? Pleas answer..

  87. soshigurl94 said:

    I don’t know if this is just me (hopefully, not) but Yuri looks so different, for some reason. I think her smile, although just as bright, isn’t as wide/free as it used to be (when she was younger). My brother think her haircut has something to do with it, but how can a minor hair change in length do something so drastic to her smile? Her smile lines are deeper, yet her smile isn’t even as big. It’s wierd. I love Yuri, and maybe I pay too much attention to her, but I totally notice a difference. I just wanted to know if there is a story as to why she looks different, or if she even looks different at all to other people. Maybe my eyes are glitching, I don’t know… But yeah, I LOVE YURI.

  88. narncakes said:

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