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Miss A‘s Min has an adorably spunky canine by the name of Engdu, who has his own instagram account. He recently uploaded a photo from Min’s birthday party featuring Miss A‘s Jia, Kara‘s Nicole, soloist G.NA, comedian Kim Shinyoung and SNSD‘s Hyoyeon and Seohyun. Hyoyeon and Min, as most of you know, grew up attending the same dance school, while Seohyun and Min are part of the chummy ’91 line friends.

engduengdu: “me & the girls!”

G.NA also uploaded the same photo onto her instagram with the caption: “#happy #birthday to my #babygirl @therealminnn #min muah!! With the #lovely @watasiwahyo #hyoyeon @mjbaby0203 Jia, Seohyun, Kim shin young unnie and nicole #lol”

It looks like they got pretty crunk (you can almost smell the alcohol from the photo….). A party with these girls looks like a lot of fun! A belated happy birthday to Min who turned 23 on Jun 21st and is only a week older than Seohyun~