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Yulstagram? Kwonstagram? Kabbstagram?

In any case! Today in true SoShi fashion, Taeyeon went on a little spurt of PR for other SNSD members, tagging @watasiwahyo and @yulyulk in her photos. Wait…@yulyulk? WHAT? Who could this mysterious @yulyulk be?

None other than our precious black pearl Corn Yuri has joined the ranks of instagram, and her photographic expoits are now available to be followed at @yulyulk.
PRAISE THE HEAVENS. Three down, six to go guys.

Yulstagram: 1 day, 10 photos.
Taengstagram: 3 months, 189 photos.
Hyostagram: 2 months, 13 photos.

Poor form Hyoyeon XD

At least she is the BEST DRIVER, according to taeyeon_ss.

cr; @yulyulk, @watasiwahyo, @taeyeon_ss