Sooyoung posted the following photo set and message onto the official Girls Generation site today, after wrapping up SNSD’s Seoul shows in their Girls&Peace World Tour. The photos show her smiling brightly on stage, holding up one of the “우리 오래가자♥” banners that fans prepared.

sooyoung1 sooyoung2 sooyoung3
나의 꿈을 실현시켜주는 멋쟁이들^^!
이틀간 함께 했던 예쁜 핑크빛 추억들!
잊지 않을게요^^!! 고마워요..
우리 오래가자♥

Great people who made my dream come true^^!
Two days of pretty pink memories!
I’ll never forget^^!! Thank you….
Let’s go on for a long time♥