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If you’ve been keeping tabs on Taeyeon’s instagram, you’ll probably have realised by now that our kid leader has recently morphed from a high-profile international super star into a bona-fide dog lady. So let’s take some time to appreciate the little puff-ball that has recently overtaken everybody in the universe to become Taeng’s number one favourite. (Move over TaeSic, Dandyu, TaeNy, HyoTae, TaeRi, SooTae, YoonTae and SeoTae)

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Ginger is a black poodle. He is so black that seeing his face is hard in photos. Taeng is not his umma, but his noona. Ginger is possibly gender confused, and spends a lot of time wearing bows and posing with designer handbags. Ginger is also the luckiest creature on this earth.

Look at this dog. He just knows he’s adorable.

Now let’s just go cry over the fact that we were born human. Yes, I’ll do that now.