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Not only is SNSD a force, but even their sub-units are a force to be reckoned with :P.  TaeTiSeo won the Digital Award for the month of May for “Twinkle” and the Album of the Year for the 2nd quarter of 2012 for the “Twinkle” album.

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In the acceptance speech for the “Digital Award,” the girls thanked many staff members and others who helped make “Twinkle” a successful album.  Tiffany added, “I’d like to give thanks to God. It’s a great happiness being able to find work that you love. I think it’s a greater blessing, being able to do something you love and be loved for it. And so we’re even more thankful that you’ve given us this award, and we will become a Girls’ Generation that works even harder musically. Thank you.”

In the “Album of the Year” speech, Taeyeon thanked all the members by name and also their seniors Super Junior for supporting their album efforts.

Seohyun added, “Thank you, BoA senior. Senior and juniors helped us a lot, so thank you very much. And our fans, SONE, who like our music so much. We love you very much. We will continue to repay you with good music to become prouder singers. We love you, thank you.”

Looks like 2013 is starting off for TaeTiSeo and SNSD!  Now for lots of pictures from the red carpet!

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