Update – IGAB MV breaks 2nd record!

The music video for ‘I Got A Boy’ has broken the record for the K-Pop video to hit 10 million views on YouTube the fastest, reaching the mark in only 55 hours since release!

Previously, the record was held by Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’ music video, which hit 10 million views in 87 hours, followed by SNSD’s own ‘The Boys’ at 110 hours.

It’s been 14 months since their last comeback, and ‘I Got A Boy’ was hotly anticipated, hitting that 10 million milestone in half the time it took for ‘The Boys’. ‘I Got A Boy’ is generating plenty of buzz for its wild, colorful style, choreography by the Emmy-winning duo Nappytabs, and roller coaster ride of a song.


SNSD has broken another record in K-Pop, reaching 20 million views on YouTube for the music video of ‘I Got A Boy‘ in 125 hours, just over five days. This milestone was hit in half the time as the previous record holder, Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream‘, which reached the mark in ten days.

Source: dkpopnews