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[Update] -Yuri’s Teaser + more photos

[Update2] -Sunny and Fany’s Teasers + more photos + news

[Update3] -Seohyun and Yoona’s Teasers + video teaser + album tracklist

[Update4] -Hyoyeon’s Teaser + Group Shot (Photo)

[Update5] -Jessica’s Teaser + Dance Teaser

[Update6] -Sooyoung’s Teaser + Romantic Fantasy Teaser

[Update 7] – ‘I Got A Boy’ Album First Look~ (Funky)

Girls’ Generation’s 4th Album “I Got a Boy” is set to be released January 2nd, 2013, and their comeback will be on New Years Day, January 1st! That’s little more than a week away! What a great way to start off the year!

[Update] Now it has been confirmed that Girls’ Generation’s special comeback stage on MBC called Romantic Fantasy will be aired on January 1st at 11:15PM KST and will last for 1 hour 20 minutes! Check out the teaser below!

[Update] Romantic Fantasy Teaser:

Looks pretty magical! Be sure to catch it on New Years!

[Update] “I Got A Boy” drama version MV teaser:

[Update] “I Got A Boy” dance version MV teaser:


1. I Got a Boy
2. Dancing Queen
3. Baby Maybe
4. 말해봐 (Say the Words)
5. Promise
6. Express 999
7. 유리아이 (Glass Child)*
8. Look at Me
9. XYZ
10. 낭만길 (Romantic Street)

And for the first of our agonizing wait is Taeyeon!

Frustrated fist pumping because you didn’t understand? Translation:

“Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. The music video for our new song Dancing Queen was released; have you all watched it?

This is evidence that there is not a lot of time left until our comeback. Please give ‘I Got A Boy’ lots of love, too. I’m the first member to be sending you all greetings. From now on, until our comeback, each member will be delivering greetings to you all. So please anticipate and love Girls’ Generation until the day of our comeback. Thank you. Right now is, Girls’ Generation.”

Second day of waiting -Yuri’s Teaser!
Third day of waiting -Sunny’s Teaser!

“It’s almost January 1st, a new year. In particular, January 1st is also the day Girls’ Generation makes a comeback, so everyone, look forward to it. So I hope you enjoy Dancing Queen while you wait for Girls’ Generation’s new song. Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year~”

Fourth day of waiting -Fany’s Teaser!

“All I want for Christmas is you~ Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany. Everyone, merry Christmas. Are you having a fun Christmas? Because today is Christmas, I came here thinking of giving you all a present. What might it be?It’s a secret about our new song. In our new song, I Got A Boy, releasing on January 1st, you will be able to hear our wild rap. Now that I’ve told you this secret, it’s more than enough as a Christmas present, right? Spend the remainder of your Christmas well, and wait until January 1st. Right now, is Girls’ Generation

Fifth day of waiting -Seohyun’s Teaser!

Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun. This is the music video set of Girls’ Generation’s official 4th album’s title song, I Got A Boy. You missed Girls’ Generation a lot, right? We also missed you all very very much. As we’ve made you wait for so long, we are working hard to shoot a music video with our new appearances. Look forward to it, and if you want to see the new us, make sure to be with us on January 1st. Right now is Girls’ Generation
Yoona’s Teaser! Only a few more to go!
Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. I think we’re showing a new side of us through this new concept, so I’m a bit nervous, and I worried about how you all may look at it. I hope you all look at it in a positive light, and I hope you all continue to love ‘I Got A Boy’. Thank you~
Hyoyeon’s teaser!
“Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon. Have you all missed Girls’ Generation a lot? I missed you all so very much. So today, I wanted to teach you all 2 key points in our official 4th album title song, I Got A Boy, choreography. The first gesture… The second gesture… Up to here. I’m really curious and am looking forward to what you all will call these dance moves. There isn’t much time left. Shall we begin 2013 off energetically with Girls’ Generation? Everyone, anticipate it a lot. Right now is Girls’ Generation!”

Sica’s Teaser!
Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Jessica. Before our comeback, I appeared like this to tell you all about how we’ve been doing. Lately, Girls’ Generation has been spending their days busily with I Got A Boy practice, the Japan arena tour practice, and Sunny and I also have been doing our musicals. We’re working hard because we want to meet you all soon, so wait a little. End what’s left of 2012 well, and start 2013 powerfully with Girls’ Generation. Please look forward to I Got A Boy.
Sooyoung’s Teaser!

Hello, everyone. This is Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. There are just 2 days left in 2012 now. Are you wrapping up the year well? I wonder if you’ve planned any new year hopes for 2013. If I had a wish, it would be that Girls’ Generation’s upcoming comeback album, I Got A Boy, is successful. Girls’ Generation will hope that you make each wish you’ve written down for the new year comes true. And tomorrow, on the 31st, make sure you don’t miss Girls’ Generation’s 4th album highlight medley video. Until the I Got A Boy comeback on January 1st, everyone, hwaiting. Right now is GIrls’ Generation.

Meanwhile, take a look at the teaser photos for their comeback below!

Quite a great transformation, no?

Update 7

‘I Got A Boy’ Album First Look Photos

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