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A few days ago our ladies had their own special segment in Japan called “Playing with Girls Generation” on NicoNico.  What an interesting event this was!  First, their performance of “Flower Power.”

Then, the show had a bunch of different fans perform basically all their Japanese songs.  And it wasn’t just your typical fan.  Each song had their own group of 9, who obviously studied every move the girls made in that particular song.  Very good performances from all the groups, perfectly in sync to the “T.”  From the bizarre, a group of guys doing “Genie,” to a bunch of cute girls doing “Gee,” to everything else in between.  You HAVE to watch the young girls perform “Gee,” it would be ludicrous not to!  They are in the middle of the second video!  I’d definitely have to say that was my favorite performance from this event!  Enjoy!

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net