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Only cause I can :P.  SNSD did an interview with G-Star following their endorsement of the brand.  Below is the interview, many pictures and some videos from the session.


1. What kind of image do you have of G-STAR RAW?
2. What do you think of Japanese female fashion?
3. What part of yourself do you think is your “strength?” Also, what part do you think is SNSD’s “strength?”
4. Please leave a message for your Japanese fans.
1. During the Japanese Gee promotions, we often wore [G-star], so I remember that time.
2. They don’t fear taking on challenges and I think they express their personal unique style well.
3. SNSD’s specialty is having teamwork. When we are all together, we really become one entity. When that happens, I think the energy that we give off is enormous.
And, personally, I think, like G-star, I have a part where I’m strong while being gentle, but… (laughs)
4. Everyone, I really thank everyone who always support us! Please look forward to our collaboration with G-star.


1. I remember seeing [G-star] in a shop on Rodeo Drive when I went to LA for work.
2. Japanese female fashion is lovely+sexy+cute+cool+tough! It’s cool how they can express all kinds of charms at the same time! It’s appealing! Personally, I love Japanese fashion!
3. My strength is… I think my eyes! I always have strength within my smiling eyes… (laughs)
And SNSD’s “strength” is no matter how painful it is, we will always win with our teamwork!
4. I’m really happy to be able to collab with G-star and to be able to meet everyone! Thanks to all our fans who always give their love, I think we are able to do a great activity like this! Please give us a lot of love from now as well!


1. I heard it is a popular brand in Europe!
2. I think a lot of them follow their own style rather than fashion trends. To really know your own charms and expressing them is wonderful.
3. Personally, I think it’s my smiling face. Even when I’m very tired, when I smile there are times when I feel I can be strong. However, I’m still lacking in many areas. (laughs) As for SNSD, the core of our teamwork is like family. Within that includes compromise, unity, and many other aspects (laughs)
4. Thank you very much for always giving us love!! From now on together and forever with SNSD, and please love G-Star~


1. It gives an impression of being mannish and cool, but surprisingly there are a lot of feminine clothes and it’s cute!
2. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes its showing one’s own charm boldy; there are many ways to express it and I also want to learn by observing that confidence and good sense.
3. Hmm, when I assert that my part is right and also when I can meet and understand other people’s parts and praise them for that. I think this is both my strength and gentle part.
I think SNSD’s strength is teamwork.
4. Everyone, thank you for giving us a lot of love. Please continue to support us! I love you! ^^


1. I think it has just the right kind of cool styling image.
2. The biggest characteristic is just how strong their individual styles are.
3. I think my “strength” is that regardless of where I am, I don’t come off as too strong or too weak, but just balanced. Maybe? ^^
Girls’ Generation’s “strength” is “the last time” (laugh). For example, if filming goes on for a long time, once we think it’s the last shot, we’ll all mutually have fun and be able to concentrate even more because of that. ^^
4. Thank you so much for always giving us your love. ^^
Please give Girls’ Generation and G-Star lots of love~


1. Even though the pants were tight fitting during filming or work, it was still very easy to move in.
2. It’s good that they have their own style. They have confidence and I think their forms of expressing their personality is cool.
3. I think my strong point is the fact that I’m not afraid of challenges and able accept new changes.
I think Girls’ Generation’s “strength” is that even though we’re so different, we get stronger together through our bonds.
4. We’ll continue to become the kind of Girls’ Generation that can show everyone a good appearance while challenging new things. So please look forward to it, and love it. Thank you.


1. No matter where you take a picture, it feels as if you’re a celebrity.
2. That each of their own fashionable style leaves an impression.
3. Maybe my strong point is my bright mood? ^^
Girls’ Generation’s “strength” is our teamwork! The word “companion” fits perfectly! After that…our bright mood? (laughs)
4. I’m really happy that our fans are with us! Let’s continue to create a lot of fun memories together!


1. I want to try wearing a non-skinny silhouette style jean next time!
2. I think it’s great that they’re able to clearly express their individuality, their confident fashion is very fresh, and overflowing with energy.
3. When I can inspire myself by myself. Everyday I feel that everything can change depending on my own feelings and I learn from that. No matter what hardship, there has to be a part that I can learn from, so I think my strengths are looking on the good side and boldly taking action.
SNSD’s strength is that all 9 of us love each other deeply and we feel the same passion towards our work.
Actually, since we have lived with each other for over 10 years like a family, we depend on each other. Also, no matter what we always happily cheer up and because we can be natural around each other, even during hard times we always don’t naturally give up and I think that becomes the driving force to do our best.
4. To the fans who always cheer us on! We will try hard to respond to everyone with even more good music! I’m really impressed and happy that there are Japanese fans who imitate our outfits. Please look forward to our new appearance this time with G-Star! Please love SNSD a lot from now on ^^


1. The items are rich, so I didn’t know in the beginning that it was a denim brand!
2. They know their own charms really well and I think there are a lot of girls who can produce [outfits] really well, so I’m envious.
3. Our strength is the power of unity when all 9 of us gather together more than as individuals and when there is a balance, I think that is our strength more than anything else. And personally… I feel like my strength is no matter what kind of situation it is I think positively and I can always prepare my body and mind to put out positive energy.
4. Everyone~ Let’s do our best everyday! Please support SNSD, fighting!

BTS videos from their shoot:

And of course LOTS of pictures!

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net