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It has been said that, sometimes, as we traverse this Earth in our daily existence, we get an opportunity to meet an “angel” in disguise. Well, for one young Korean artist at least, that adage came true ;).

If you can recall, very early on in her budding career as a member of the rookie K-Pop group “Girls’ Generation”, there were reports of Tiffany going out of her way to help a drunken old man that she stumbled across on the street, one cold winter’s day in Seoul.

Well, that incident of Tiffany’s “Good Samaritan” deed has so far been unsubstantiated, until now :). Courtesy of oniontaker, a well-known and respected blogger and translator in the K-Pop universe, the following series of sketches by the said Korean artist documents his chance encounter with our dear Tiffany (Stephanie) Hwang and her angelic good deed to a random stranger that she just encountered.

Truly, Tiffany deserves the sobriquet of “earthly angel” (as do the rest of the 9 ladies of Soshi :D) for she is a living example of Agape Love in action, something which Our Good Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, taught all those who follow Him, to embody and emulate :).

The account goes that the artist, whilst on his way somewhere, came across the old man sprawled on the street. Wanting to do the right thing, he then called the emergency services for an ambulance to bring the man to hospital for some medical attention, and hung around until it arrived.

After awhile, being more concerned about getting a smoke, he walked into the nearest convenience store for cigarettes. Whilst there, he observed that some passer-byers did stop to stare at the old man, but eventually left, leaving the victim alone.

Suddenly, the door to the convenience store abruptly swung open and out stepped an extremely cheerful young lady with a perfect set of “eye smiles” (guess who ?). As the artist looked on, this person approached the old man and proceeded to warm his frozen hands with the warm coffee drink cans that she had just purchased for herself only moments ago. Not satisfied with only doing that, she next removed her coat and draped it around the old man’s body to keep him warm, without any regard to her personal comfort. When she noticed the artist staring at her from the entrance of the convenience store, her reply was an extremely shy “eye smile”.

It was then that the “miracle” started to happen. Passer-byers started stopping to offer help to both Tiffany and the old man. Even the convenience store staff chipped in by providing more warmed coffee cans to help keep the old man warm. This continued until the ambulance finally arrived to take the old man to hospital for treatment.

The final panel of this amazing set of drawings shows the artist looking into the distance, no doubt wondering who this “earthly angel” was whom he had just encountered. Be that as it may, the incident so affected him that he actually deigned it fit to document it in a graphic format.

Well, we now know who that “good samaritan” was (none other than our dear Tiffany Hwang), her good deed of Agape Love that day to a total stranger forever recorded for posterity by an unlikely witness to the deed :D.

All I can say to this is that, here is one more reason why the world at large has fallen head-over-heels in love with our favourite “eye smiles” Soshi gal :). Tiffany jjang !

Do check out the said graphic strip below and relive, once again, the kindness and love that is Tiffany Hwang Mi-young ;). Enjoy !

By: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

Sources: SeraphKY@soshified.com, gh0st_gurl@soshified.com, oniontaker.tumblr