With Chuseok happening today, many of our ladies have greeted us with cute selcas!  Here’s Tiffany’s, with this message…“Happy Chuseok!! p.s Hanbok doesn’t suit/look good on me.. But I wanted to greet you.. So! With the PAPARAZZI BEAR!♥ “

Taeyeon looking like a dork like usual :P.

“Bbuing bbuing
SONEs I love, hi???
I’m curious as to what you have been up toㅎㅎ
Us girls have been going to and from overseas while working hard on this and that^^ 
(for you all. ihihi)

The weather’s getting cooler lately, right?
Be careful of catching a cold from the changing seasons.
Spend the upcoming, long, Chuseok weekend to the fullest and have lots of fun!!
In light of Chuseok, Taengoo sends greetings in a hanbok.

Let’s meet again soon.
Have a nice Chuseok~~~ I love you, I like you, SONE^^”

Seohyun looking mature and pretty as ever!  Like seriously stunning, wow!

This is me from the November Ceci photoshoot set! Please look forward to it, and have a nice Chuseok~^^

Yuri looking pretty in her hanbok…and ripping on herself haha.

Hello, SONE~
It’s almost Chuseok.
Spend good times with your family, and close friends
Make pretty songpyun and tastily nyam nyam (eating sounds)~
When you see the round moon… Recall Yul’s round face, tooㅎㅎ
Let’s see each other again soon~~^^

And last but not least Yoona.

Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) is just around the corner~
Have a happy Korean Thanksgiving Day with your family~^^
The weather is getting chilly, so please be careful not to catch a cold!
Also, don’t forget to cheer for Girls’ Generation ♥
Here is a gift for Chuseok! lol

Have a happy Chuseok everyone and eat well with your friends and family!

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net