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[Update] -Fany + Bear + A Mysterious Cameo

As Chuseok, the equivalent of what would be Thanksgiving Day, is nearing, SNSD has been giving some holiday greetings to the fans and treating us with individual SelCas of (hopefully) each of them in Hanboks. So, instead of having a separate article for each of the nine ladies, this post will compile all of their holiday greetings and activities. Enjoy and keep an eye out for updates!

A group shot (finally) wearing hanboks for Lotte Department Store promotional pictures:

And first for the individual greetings is Kid Leader Taeyeon! For some reason, I keep thinking ‘pea’…

Bbuing bbuing
SONEs I love, hi???
I’m curious as to what you have been up toㅎㅎ
Us girls have been going to and from overseas while working hadr on this and that^^ 
(for you all. ihihi)

The weather’s getting cooler lately, right?
Be careful of catching a cold from the changing seasons.
Spend the upcoming, long, Chuseok weekend to the fullest and have lots of fun!!
In light of Chuseok, Taengoo sends greetings in a hanbok.

Let’s meet again soon.
Have a nice Chuseok~~~ I love you, I like you, SONE^^”.


This is me from the November Ceci photoshoot set! Please look forward to it, and have a nice Chuseok~^^

Ahh angelic doesn’t even describe it… Seohyuuunnnnn how can you be so..soooo..sooooo ______ *insert newly invented word that means excrutiatingly beautiful*

And here we have a saluting captain Yuri:

Hello, SONE~
It’s almost Chuseok.
Spend good times with your family, and close friends
Make pretty songpyun and tastily nyam nyam (eating sounds)~
When you see the round moon… Recall Yul’s round face, tooㅎㅎ
Let’s see each other again soon~~^^

Yoona with her doe eyes:

Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) is just around the corner~
Have a happy Korean Thanksgiving Day with your family~^^
The weather is getting chilly, so please be careful not to catch a cold!
Also, don’t forget to cheer for Girls’ Generation ♥
Here is a gift for Chuseok! lol

[YoonYul Moment] -wearing Hanboks that complement each others’~ Keke yoonyul shipper..
Fany, Paparazzi Bear, and..someone familiar in the background..
Can you tell who it is?

Happy Chuseok!! p.s Hanbok doesn’t suit/look good on me.. But I wanted to greet you.. So! With the PAPARAZZI BEAR!♥ “.

If you haven’t gotten it by now, TaeNy moment! TaeNy moment!
Keep tuned for updates!
Source: wonderfulgeneration