Jessica and little sister, f(x)’s Krystal, will be participating on the OST for SBS’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama “To The Beautiful You.”

Their song will be called, “Butterfly,” which is the love them song of the drama.  This song will feature a sweet melody with a blend of lyrics that convey a first love. Since this is the first time the 2 siblings have done a professional duet together, there is a lot of buzz surrounding how the song will turn out.  Personally, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the Jung sister talent in full force :).

Butterfly” is scheduled to be released on August 15th at noon through varies music sites, including Melon, Genie and Bugs.  Since it is the love theme of the drama, those watching the first episode will get to hear it then.

On another SM note, Sunny and f(x)’s Luna will also sing a song for this OST.  No other information has been released yet on the title of the song or when it’s supposed to be released.

Credits: soshified.com