Been hearing whispers recently? Whispers about Girls’ Generation’s next new Japanese single? READ and find out! ~insert suspenseful music~

Although the title has not yet been revealed, the release date has been made public! Save the magic day, everyone: September 26, and keep your eyes glued and ears perked for any sliver of news on it! Of course, we will do our best to keep you updated. 🙂

But wait; it’s not done yet! September 26 will be a double lucky day because SNSD’s “Complete Video Collection” will be released as Blu-Ray (all region) and DVD (region code 2)! Like the title suggests, the collection will include the major singles and tracks, such as Genie and Time Machine. There will be two disks, each consisting of different songs, one in Korean and one in Japanese. Better start savin’ up!

Source: wonderfulgeneration