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Well, as we all know, August is the month where we SONEs celebrate the birthday of our favourite “eye-smiles angel” Tiffany Hwang Mi-Young. Although the actual date may have passed, the on-line tributes still continue to flow in :).

Whilst randomly surfing the Web, I just happened to come across this extremely well-produced video tribute to our dear Tiffany for her special day, so I thought that I would share it with you gals and guys here on SK. It was put together by a SONE who goes by the moniker of Boo and is a montage of various scenes in the amazing show business career of Tiffany to date.

After watching this 16 minutes plus video, I’m sure that you will be as impressed and touched as I was whilst I was viewing it. So, grab a seat and be prepared to be “blown away” by the “wonder” that is Tiffany Hwang :lol:. Enjoy !

By: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

Sources: boo70622@youtube.com