Who’s Lee Euijin you may be wondering? Why, its our newest member of SNSD!

Yup! Following the path of drama Queens, Choi Ah Na, Jung Ha Na and Kang Jong Hee, she will be starring in the upcoming drama, ‘The 3rd Hospital’. The drama will air its first episode on September 5th. Meanwhile, the character profile of Lee Euijin has been released, giving a little teaser for excited fans!


Lee EuiJin

Euijin, who just returned from Germany, “I want to stay in Seunghyun’s house!”. A violist who hangs onto Seunghyun. She lived with Choi Hyunwook in Jiri Mountain as his daughter. She’s a high school student and is studying viola.

When she was 5 years old, her mother passed away. After that, Hyunwook took care of her. That’s why it’s “Lee” Euijin. She grew up under Hyunwook and Uncle Kanghyuk in Jiri Mountain. Because Hyunwook spoiled her, she started talking to Seunghyun using informal language as soon as she saw him, but it looked cute rather than rude.

As soon as Seunghyun heard Euijin’s name, his face hardened. When he later found out the truth, he was hurt.

Euijin liked Seunghyun from the beginning, and without hiding, she followed Seunghyun everywhere. She tells her uncle, who was worried that no one would take a tomboy like her, not to worry because there is Seunghyun.

After a few years in Jiri Mountain, Seunghyun returns to Seoul. To Euijin, who starts to have tears in her eyes after absorbing the news, Seunghyun promises he will come back for her. Soon, after her studies in Germany, Euijin comes back to Seohan Hyupjin Hospital where Seunghyun is staying. Within a few years, she became much prettier. Now, she is not just a girl he used to know,but comes back for Seunghyun as a woman.

While she was waiting for Seunghyun in a research room, she tried to pull a prank by grabbing the body of a person who was coming in. However, it wasn’t Seunghyun, but Doohyun. She yelled, “100% sorry!” and ran away. This was her first encounter with Doohyun. After that, she meets Seunghyun and tells him she will stay at his house during the orchestra audition period.

Starting a new life in Korea, two men come for her. Seunghyun, who she really liked from her childhood, and Doohyun, who keeps running into her.

“The cute and lovely Euijin came to take responsibility of Seunghyun. I think Seunghyun looks out for me because my name is Euijin. The fact that my name is Euijin… I’m very thankful.”


On July 31st, ‘The 3rd Hospital’ also held the press conference which Lee Euijin attended along with the casting members. She stated that each SNSD member came on the set one after the other to show support.

“Because the members think it’s more effective to come one by one and when they come separately during a time when the cast and staff are tired, they usually end up making the atmosphere brighter . I always gain strength from that, and I’m thankful”.

Check out our beautiful Lee Euijin;

(P.S did i mention Lee EuiJin = Sooyoung kekek)

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