Wow I am totally impressed! Although it is expected for the DDR Master, the fact that she never did contact dancing before, it is amazing how she made it through to the finals, battling elite dancers that are pros in ballet, ballroom etc!

It is a Semi-Final episode on this week’s ‘Dancing With The Stars 2’. In this episode, Hyoyeon and her dance partner HyungSuk, performed to the beat of ‘Rock and Roll Music’, giving a total score of 28 out of 30 points.

This special episode also includes a second performance which included f(x)’s Luna who sang ‘Way Back Into Love‘ live while our dance pair performed elegantly. This totaled a score or 27 out of 30 points!

With non-stop love and support for Hyoyeon and HyungSuk from each member and S♥nes, we all finally boosted them both from bottom to top as they made their way into the Finals. With only one last obstacle left, they’re on their way to victory in winning this season of ‘Dancing With The Stars‘! Do well in the Finals Hyoyeon and bring home that trophy (or w/e you win lololol)

They will compete against actress Choi Yeojin and her partner, Park JiWoo in the next episode!

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Source: krisbrows