Hallyu Leader’s, SNSD, SHINee, U-Kiss and B.A.P united for a concert in Macao on July 2nd. However this isn’t any normal concert or music show as each artist performed their hit title songs and shared stories not heard before at their individual concerts.

Of course, tickets were on sale and available for anyone overseas! And as always, for those who went, JELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY! And for those who missed it, you can enjoy couples such as SeoSic, YoonYul and more. You can also watch as SNSD performs hit songs like Hoot, RDR, Genie and more!

Another Highlight of the concert was the Return Of the Stage Ghost! Once again a mysterious Phantom went inside the music systems and caused a havoc! During the performance of Hoot Hoot Hoot~, the music was suddenly cut off, forcing SNSD to stop singing half way through. But nonetheless, as always SNSD saved the day professionally and re-performed Hoot while giving the audience a fun stage!

Oh yeah…. prepare for MASSIVE FAN CHANT. A weird person like me always love fan chants, especially ones for this concert since I can understand the chants! Ranging from “WHAT THE FUZZ”, “WOO I LUB SNSD”, “ITS O.K, START AGAIN!!”, “ENCORE”, it really made me lol. The bigger the fan chants (like this one), the more epic the concert is!

To spread the concert’s energy, local broadcasters, MBC Plus Media, China’s CCTV, and HK’s NOW TV will all broadcast the event later in each country.

Genie, RDR

The Boys



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Source: carson20031,alansowinglun, TheSoneSouce@minus.com