The awkward moment when you all fell into my evil trap >=D

OF COURSE I’m only joking! ololololloollo…. no kill me blez

On June 28th, TaeTiSeo will be attending Mnet’s ‘20’s Choices Awards‘. And with that party outfit and delicious cake, our 3 twinkles are promoting the event.

Oh yeah and… With less than 2 hours left, Mnet’s 20’s Choices Awards will be coming to a stop!!!!!! Get yo SoShi spirit on and vote like crazyyyy because Sones are up against a hella load of other fandoms!!!

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(P.S, this isnt confirmed and its only my own theory but if taetiseo is going, it means theres a high chance they have already won an award! CONGRATZ~)

Source: Mnet