2012 Mnet 20’s Choice‘ Awards will be held on 28th of June and with only 20 days left, Votes are now opened and each vote will count from June 7th to June 27th. Mnet 20’s Choice is all about the trend of people in thier 20s, and presents fresh and new awards with shocking performances!

What are the Girls’ Nominated for you say? Well here’s a list;

Yoona – 20’s Drama Star (Female)

TaeTiSeo – 20’s Trendy Music

SooYoung – 20’s Style

Girls’ Generation – 20’s Global Star

How to Vote you say? Well sir, here’s the instructions;

1 – Open Mnet’s Voting Site which is also found here >>Click Here For Cookies<<

2 – Press ‘Voting Starts’, its in Bright Purple so you can’t miss it!

3 – Use your Twitter or Facebook Account or Register with your e-mail

4 – Click the picture of any SNSD members you see in any category (You have to vote in all categories before you can submit!)

5 – Click Submit / Confirm Vote at the bottom of the page.

-You can Vote Once a day for Each account-

Source: Mnet