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The 3-in-one Post Special

The Dancing Queen is back with another Dance on ‘Dancing With The Stars 2‘ were she Danced to ‘Da Doo Ron Ron‘ with her partner. However this episode is special as the maknae appeared to support her unnie! Check out Hyoyeon’s Performances below as well as the many many pictures and Selca below!

Meanwhile you can check out the screen caps of our SeoHyun below. (LOL at Seohyun’s slave the person sitting next to Seohyun holding her phone for her bwhaha)

Here comes the adorable and playful photos of Seohyun and Hyoyeon who shared, “Hello~~! This is Hyoyeon~~ >.< My new challenge~ Dancing with the Stars!! You’re watching it well, right?¡>,< Kyaaak!! Heehee. It’s still awkward, but I’m trying my best to show a good appearance~ So look forward to it~ >.< Ah!! Fans who always cheer me on! Thank you so much^^!! Thank you to my members, too~~~~♥”.

This doesn’t end here! With their Peace sign, SeoHyun and Hyoyeon took a behind-the-stage picture with Park JiWoo, a contestant from the same show.

Source: girlsgeneration.smtown.com, soshified ,ch0sshi, Jaypjw, ParkJiwoo, wondergeneration, wondergeneration