As mentioned in my last post, Jessica recently appeared on tvN’s ‘Taxi’. While mentioning her thoughts on marriage, she reveals another SNSD habit! Oh how I love SoShi gossips! keke

In the show, Sica was asked which member doesn’t ‘mix’ well with her. And of course, Seohyun was chosen for her sensible 25/8 health concern and her love for goguma! She says, “Her taste in food doesn’t suit me. We like fried foods and hamburgers, but Seohyun eats what she brought or sweet potatoes and tomatoes”.

Meanwhile Super Junior’s Sungmin who was also in this episode revealed, “Yesung has a lot of the high notes [in our songs], so he clears his throat in the car, Everyone sleeps but he’s so loud“. To this complaint, Jessica also added, “Seohyun does that too. She’s still a baby, so she’s just cute”.

Seohyun, your too cool! At least you will live longer than everyone else in the world!!! keke

Source: wondergeneration