Recently our Icy Angel took part in tvN’s ‘TAXI‘ along with f(x)’s Luna and SuJu’s Sungmin! In this funny SM special, Jessica revealed her thoughts on which member she thinks will be the first to get married!

During the variety talk, Jessica named Sunny as the member who she thinks will get married first among them. She explained, “The girls and I often chatter about how and when we want to get married, not to mention to what kind of person. I think Sunny will end up marrying a prince from another country. I can see her living life, walking her 10 poodles”.

Jessica also mentions her though about the last to get married out of the 9 divines. She names Tiffany to be the last one to do so! “Tiffany doesn’t really care about marriage. She really likes working. I think I also fit into the group that will end up getting married early. I like someone who is gentle, smart, and kind. Someone who looks after me”.

On another topic, Jessica also expressed her thoughts about her nickname which is “Ice Princess”. She stated, “I don’t really like talking about it much. I can’t seem to get it straight myself. That’s why I felt uncomfortable appearing in variety shows. I’m frequently described as ‘chic’, but I think people say that based on my appearance only. Some people also say that I’m a heodang (term used to describe someone who seems perfect, but actually isn’t; can also mean clumsy and clueless). A lot of people think I don’t have any concerns or worries, but that’s not it. I actually think about them a lot”.

And also during the show, Jessica showed her aegyo by saying “Ah ing~~” whenever she was embarassed or nervous!

Meanwhile you can watch the unsubbed episode below! (Will be updated with ENG SUBS)

Source: wondergeneration, oumae25