SNSD’s DJ soon, Ssun, SunnyBunny, Choi DanshinYes we all know who our favourite aegyo queen is, Sunny… However behind that veil of cute, chubby bunny cheeks of hers, behind that appealing :3 face of hers, behind that short, petite body of hers, Just who is she?? With that master arts of reflex, high intellectual knowledge, lvl 99 kung fu and not forgetting that chicken catching skills, it just wouldn’t seem to fit her image at first sight! So the question isn’t ‘Do you know SNSD’s Sunny’ …but a question of, ‘What Is SoonKyu??

So, to start off our investigation, let us gather our known information…

Name: Sunny

Blood Type: B

D.O.B: May 15, 1989

Position: Vocalist

Being the group’s vitamin to one of the variety PROs, Sunny has reached the peaks of all peaks in demand and popularity. Completely adorable and upbeat, she never fails to impress her fans with her aegyo. Since her promotion of ‘Genie’ to RDR, Sunny has proven that she has was it takes to be versatile. She can change from bbuing bbuing cute to a sexy figure with a heart striking killer stare.

So what are her true abilities…or even, what is her TRUE identity??

As mentioned in the paragraph above, SoonKyu is able to use her ability to change from one expression to another; PERFECT for deceiving and tricking those that are suspicious of her and getting past those on high alert. Proof you ask?? How else can you explain how Soonkyu, along with her allies, Sica, Fany and HyoYeon escaped the palms of their managers and sneaking into the amusement park?

Some more proof of this transforming transformer, using her sexy transformation to hypnotize;

Anyone else noticed that her body and tallness is just…too much of a coincidence? Exactly! Like a cat, with her tiny height, undersize figure, she truly is the master of slipping through things, allowing total flexibility, appearing and disappearing like a misty ghost.

Lee SoonKyu demonstrates her ajumma-like leadership skills in one of the episodes of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘. As part of a meeting to deal with preparations for the G8 house, the members shared which guests they want to invite and what items are needed for their empty room with examples such as 3d TV, kimchi fridge, the best handheld vacuum cleaner etc. However as expected from a true professional, SoonKyu quickly disagrees and stats, “Our traditional kimchi crock can take the place of a Kimchi refrigerator, and we can make delicious rice with a cauldron instead of a rice cooker. More than watching TV, we should be listening to interesting stories from our members.” Mind = Blown

With the age of 24 today, Lee SoonKyu has the knowledge of a typical Korean born in the 60s as she completely destroys every quiz question fired at her that a normal ‘89er generation would not be able to answer. This is a possibility that she gained her knowledge from her intense training, possibly from an assassin’s background, as a normal assassin must be full with intelligence of all topics and have a strong sense of memory!

To add more to that intelligent knowledge of hers, SoonKyu recently gained the nickname of ‘Brainy Idol’. Why’s that you ask? In a surprise pop-test that the G8 members were given, there were questions evaluating their elementary knowledge from Grade 1 – 6. Even thought it was said to be at elementary level, they were give the hardest questions from that level. As expected from her, SoonKyu was able to answer ALL the questions with ease while other G8 members couldn’t. Most of the member’s test papers contained empty boxes and yet again, SoonKyu’s paper has no empty boxes and as a bonus, she even managed to answer a high-level mathematics equation. …Mind = LOL super blow

Moving on from our investigation of SoonKyu’s inhuman mental ability, we prove that her physical capability with no doubt, is assassin-like. I shall allow the attached images and video to explain…

As we can see here, the pencil used is on its way to rolling off the edge of the table. Without as much as even glimpsing at it, SoonKyu is able to KICK (yes that is HER foot!) the pencil off course, force it to roll the other way AND even seizing it, like catching a fly with chopsticks, ALL within seconds. If this isn’t Kung Fu or assassin-like skills, our only explanation is… sixth sense.

The above video shows SoonKyu catching a crazy chicken with absolute 0% effort… like a BOSS

With alien-like transformation, master of disguiseEinstein’s knowledge, soldier-like leadership, physical abilities that can be compared on the same levels as true assassins and kung-fu masters, there are no other explanations… What is behind this SoonKyu that we all know as one of the best dancer and singer, Sunny from SNSD??

All theories aside, all staff from SNSDKorean would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY (And older sister, EunKyu, second sister, JinKyu)!! Don’t Party Rock too hard but do enjoy your day! And a word of encouragement to their Father, who is the only man of the house that has to treat the whole Lee family with presents, FIGHTING~ !!

On behalf of all S♥NES around the world, we gift you this poem;

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain

Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain

Oh, the dark days are gone and the bright days are here,

My sunny one shines so sincere

Oh, Sunny one so true, We Love You~~


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