-Updated with Selca of the Trio-

Not only did TaeTiSeo dominate all music charts by becoming #1 for days, now they are even on their way to dominating every music show … as expected! Continuing their epic streak from winning the last 3 music shows, today on this week’s Inkigayo, TaeTiSeo yet again wins their first win on the show! Following their win on Show! Champion, M!Countdown and Music Bank, this will be their 4th win in a row and it is only a matter of time before they win every music show! Congratz~ girls!

Check out their winning stage and performance of ‘Twinkle’;

(Will be updated here with future Selcas etc, stay tuned!)

Meanwhile, behind the stage of 2012 Dream Concert, TaeTiSeo took a photo with Exo-K. Taeyeon being the odd one out…again, here is their photo with everyone posing the V-sign~


Source: wondergeneration, 777hiyo002, official girlsgeneration@facebook