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Just thought I’d share this one cause it’s totally Seohyun!

On May 3rd, TaeTiSeo were at C&J E&M’s Open Studio for a guest appearance on Mnet “Wide Entertainment News.”  While they were waiting outside the studio, the cameras captured them hanging out with fans.

A little gust of wind started to blow Tiffany’s skirt up, but Seohyun came to the rescue and quickly grabbed her skirt to keep it from blowing up, showing undergarments.

Netizens commented, “If it weren’t for Seohyun, Tiffany could have faced a humiliating situation,” “Awww, Seohyun’s taking care of her unnie,” “She’s such a caring person,” “Now that’s what you call ‘manner hands.’”

Oh Seohyun, you really are the perfect maknae aren’t you?  Pshh, perfect maknae, more like perfect person, period!  I’m sure all your unnie’s have been saved by you in some way or another :P.

Credits: soompi.com