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Anyone watching Love Rain? The official photos for Yoona in the most recent episodes (11 and 12) have been released! NOW WHO’S EXCITED? …Or is it just me…? (Please say no.)

For those who missed the previous two episodes, Hana (Yoona’s character) and Joon become an adorable couple and spend blissful times together after Hana confesses her feelings to Joon. Their happiness does not last for long, however, when Joon finds out that his dad and Hana’s mom used to be first loves and are now reunited. After ascertaining that Hana supports the parents’ relationship and that to Hana, her mom’s happiness is more important than her own, he has a painful break up with Hana, sacrificing their relationship for their parents’ to go on. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, where just when Joon could not stand the break up anymore and comes to Hana, he sees their parents together two feet away from them. Dun dun dun dunn the moment of truth…

Whether you’ve seen Love Rain or not, check out the photos below! Our goddess choding again impresses with her striking beauty.

Let’s end on a happy, peaceful note…

Source: wonderfulgeneration