From the amazing performance on Music Core!’s debut stage, our amazing Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are back with their weekly MCing on today’s show.Check out their cut’s below!

However something is weirdly suspicious… The Trio’s clothes seems a bit different today… hm…. What is the story behind the Polka Dotted dresses?

So… what is the story behind the unusual weirdly colourful, polka dotted dress that stands out today from the every week fashion that they wear? Your So Curious right? You may be thinking that their cute dresses makes them…look kind of like a clown in a child’s Birthday Party right?? Damn it TELL us already!!!

WELL, you sir, are correct!! The Trio deliberately chose this cute child-ish fashion to fit today’s event! On May 5th, it is none the other, ‘Children’s Day’!

TaeTiSeo gives a shout out, “Today is May 5th, Children’s Day~!! With Girls’ Generation! hihi”, providing an a-dork-able Selca each in Music Core!’s waiting room! Check ’em out;

(P.S, sorry Taeyeon fans… i still LOL at her dorky face! but at least her cute baby face fits for today’s theme 😀 )

Source: girlsgeneration.smtown.com, monmonsnow