Our Brighter than Mushrooms, Tiffany, made a confession that she strongly dislikes people that call her by her Korean name!

Tiffany appeared on MBC’s ‘Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert’ broadcast on May 3rd. Members from TVXQ, SuperJunior were also on the show and gathered together to share some stories and secrets about themselves.

During the introduction from each of the members, Super Junior’s Leeteuk out of the blue asked Tiffany why she didn’t like being called by her real name, ‘Hwang MiYoung’. The SNSD member answered, “Because my friends call me ‘Hwang MiYeok’!” (Miyeok = Korean for Seaweed)

She continued, “They even made a rap song titled Hwang Miyuck and sing it every time they saw me!”, causing the guests to burst into laughter.

Personally I don’t think ‘Hwang MiYoung, Hwang MiYeok or Hwang Miyuck’ sounds too bad kekekek! However what I do want to hear is the rap song her friends made up! haha B). What do you guys think?

Source: LeeTeuk@Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert, Naver